vrijdag 12 maart 2010

Ewa Demarczyk - Ewa Demarczyk śpiewa piosenki Zygmunta Koniecznego (1971)

I'm spending the next two days in Bruxelles, so I got up early today to fill the void for a bit, because I hate it when I can't post an album everyday. So perhaps, when I come home late tommorrow night, the first thing I'll do is post an album to make sure I don't miss a day. Meet my neurotic personality.

Also: meet Ewa Demarczyk while I visit the Magritte Museum in Bruxelles. She is a polish singer, known as Polands' 'Dark Angel'. Highly emotional songs, often associated with the counter-culture of communist Poland. Frankly, she's a poet. So the term Sung Poetry would be appropriate. Have fun with it.

lame dogs adorn the roads