dinsdag 9 maart 2010

Caetano Veloso - Transa (1972)

This album is really right in between the real tranisition Caetano Veloso had in the early 70s. It was made after the cleverly crafted pop-albums and just a few months before he went totally berserk with Araçá Azul. Everything comes together on this album, and it is without a single doubt from my side his best album. The album consists primarily of 6 jams, very repetitive, very effective.

Caetano Veloso has this really special way of switching from his lower register to a higher register. You can notice this very well on this album. A few perceivable examples from this record: on the second song he sings 'nine out of ten movie stars, make me cry' over and over again and at a point he starts singing this in a higher register and it just sounds fantastic. On practically every song this happens, which makes this album exceptionally powerful. Highly recommended!

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