vrijdag 26 februari 2010

Fabrizio De André - Non Al Denaro Non All'amore Né Al Cielo (1971)

The strange thing with Fabrizio De André is, that he made a dozen of unmissable albums. That he's among the best singer/songwriters of his generation, that he's one of the most famous singers of Italy, but that few of us have heard of him.

What he sings sounds beautiful, but what he sings is unknown to me, because it's in Italian. But don't let that bring you down and enjoy the atmosphere of this album. Sometimes there are little hints of little Italian villages in August, of Nino Rota, of eating olives on a wooden bench in Toscane. I admit that had he come from Birmingham I probably wouldn't have bothered, but it's the exotic thing that makes it sound really fresh.

un medico

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