woensdag 7 april 2010

Van Dyke Parks - Song Cycle (1968)

Completely awesome record that cost a helluvalot of money back in the day. Warner Brothers (the label that released it) even made an ad the next year saying that they "lost $35,509 on 'the album of the year' (dammit)". Brilliantly orchestrated, chamber pop from one of the most underrated songsmiths of our day.

But the fact this album didn't make them money, doesn't make this any less valuable. It remains an incredible album up until today, because Van Dyke Parks (whose admirers of today include Joanna Newsom and Jim O'Rourke) was one of the first to experiment with the deconstruction of pop songs. Bands like Spoon and Animal Collective have listened to this album an awful lot, that's for sure. I hope you will do to.

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