woensdag 21 april 2010

Ash Ra Tempel - Schwingungen (1972)

Ash Ra Tempel could best be described as a krautrock band that combines the jamming improvisation of Can with the long ambient compositions of Tangerine Dream. Founded by the great guitarist Manuel Göttsching and keyboardist/drummer Klaus Schulze (who both went on to make essential solo albums), they became one of the most influential krautrock/space-rock (whatever genre you want to put them in) bands of the early 70s.

The first side, Light & Darkness, is very funky and the songs on Side 1 are so great, it's a pity they only last for 17 minutes. The second side, Schwingungen, consists of a lengthy ambient track, filled up with sparse, but effective percussion. Lovely alltogether.

flowers must die

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