vrijdag 23 april 2010

Exuma - Exuma (1970)

Whereas Jamaica has reggae, Trinidad and Tobago has calypso, the Bahamas are more rooted in folk music. Exuma (née McFarlane Gregory Anthony Mackey, a mouthful) proves this lovely fact on this album. It may sound like freak folk, as we know it now, but what Exuma is doing is just making music that is close to his upbringing, close to his homeland and close to himself.

The album sounds like sitting around a campfire in the jungle with your friends, a fact that I haven't experienced often, but I have been in Africa and sleeping and living and discussing life in the jungle is something so elimentary, it is hard to describe. This album deals with typical Caribbean themes, such as life and death, religion, higher spirits. And above all, it's incredibly catchy, and plain lovely music.

exuma, the obeah man

3 opmerkingen:

Joost zei

Je post net te veel om het allemaal bij te houden, maar dit is inderdaad een heel mooi album.

Luc zei

2 albums per dag, moet toch lukken. Vooral met jouw tempo! :D

Anoniem zei

Ca c' est du bizzare, on dirait les GODZ croisés avec DR JOHN.
Je l' ai pris sur un autre blog déjà mais quel plaisir de le trouver ici à nouveau
Antoine de Paris