maandag 19 april 2010

The KLF - Chill Out (1990)

A short history of The KLF: notorious band from the early 90s, made ambient techno and house music. Left the music business in 1992 by performing with Extreme Noise Terror and afterwards firing machine gun blanks into the audience at the BRIT Awards. Burnt a million pounds, just for the heck of it. Deleted their entire back catalogue and published The Manual, a guide on how to score an easy number one hit.

They made two major albums in that period. The first Chill Out, the masterpiece I'm posting today, a collection of samples, forming a fantastic ambient record, and The White Room, a classic house album.

Chill Out sounds like a night-ride through the highways of America. When Elvis sings 'As the snow flies, on a cold an grey Chicago morning, a poor little baby child is born in the ghetto', the impact is devestating. This is one of my favourite records people, h-e-a-r it!

elvis on the radio, steel guitar in my soul

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