donderdag 24 juni 2010

Yabby You - Conquering Lion (1975)

Sweat is pouring off my face as I write these words. Summer has officially begun in Amsterdam. I feel that the time has come for you to listen to all the music I've posted, instead of having to download new one's every day. Therefor I hope everyone will not be surprised that I'll take it easy in the summer time. Two or three albums a week will be the maximum up until August, so please enjoy everything that I've posted so far and keep discovering new artists in the time I that I am going slow with this blog.

Here is one of the greatest reggae performers, who passed away this January. This is his best album and the man is called Yabby You. His songs are great and his place in reggae is important, though underrated. And remember: I will be back, probably even this week, but not as frequent as you're used to. But I will be again.

conquering lion

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Anoniem zei

Thanks man, great blog! Appreciate it

philliebuster zei