vrijdag 11 juni 2010

Van Dyke Parks - Discover America (1972)

Because Van Dyke Parks is a goddamn hero, as big a hero for me as Brian Wilson, with whom he made important music, and also because he is totally unknown for our generation, I'm posting another Van Dyke Parks album. I posted Song Cycle a while ago, which remains one of my favourite albums ever, I'm actually listening to it as we speak and I have goosebumps!

This album was made by Parks when he had made a trip to Trinidad, where the roots of calypso are to be found, so this album is heavily calypso-influenced, and at times pure calypso. Van Dyke Parks has the gift to create American landscapes in his songs, he makes me understand America better, so it remains bearable that I haven't been there yet.

sweet trinidad

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