dinsdag 8 juni 2010

Alice Cooper - Killer (1971)

As for glam-rock, I have decided that I like Alice Cooper about as much as I love David Bowie. Alice Cooper is the ultimate bad-ass rocker and he makes all these Aerosmith and Guns 'n Roses guys look like Peter Pan. He started on Straight Records, the experimental hippielabel of Frank Zappa, where he released a lot of obscure stuff like Wild Man Fischer and The G.T.O.'s. Captain Beefheart eventually left Straight Records because he thought he was among freaks when he found out what Alice Cooper did on a stage.

The music is fantastic, he is so powerful on this record, as well as on the other early records. The music is like a campy version of Black Sabbath. I absolutely love that description and if I were you, I would definitely download this record because of it. Especially that first song really makes you feel like a winner!

under my wheels

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chris_c zei

my absolute fave alice album - great stuff!