donderdag 12 augustus 2010

This Heat - This Heat (1979)

I posted the post-punk masterpiece Deceit a few months ago, and that album is one of those album that everyone just has to love. Marquee Moon is another example out of the post-punk field. Deceit is fantastic. It is haunting, it is tribal, and it's downright scary at times. I'm giving you a great quality version of their first album, called This Heat now. This Heat, the album, is not as magnificent as Deceit is, but it still is a very fresh studio document on how great this band was functioning around this time.

I recommend the John Peel sessions they recorded as well, and they did a very nice EP and an album called Repeat with three 20-minute songs on it. A band that has not a large oeuvre, but that still has made so much different music.

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mowgle zei

I feel somewhat ignorant, but I had no clue this record is from '79. i thought much much later. a testament to 'ahead of their time' perhaps?