zondag 8 augustus 2010

Prince Far I - Dub To Africa (1979)

This is not a normal Prince Far I album, I warn you. On this record, Prince Far I's band plays amazing dub versions of his songs. The only thing Prince Far I himself does on this record, is announce the songs at the start of 'em. He does that marvelously, off course. His raw jungle voice is only needed at the start of each song to create the same effect that some singers need the whole song for to create.

And what's better than Prince Far I dedicating a whole LP to my favourite continent. Oh, and by the way: I'm going to Africa in April for a month. And as far as reggae and this blog goes: I've tried everything to keep reggae at a distance for a while, but it is just too strong at the moment. So I'm afraid Life As A Rehearsal is kind of turning into a reggae blog, if that is in any way a bad thing.

good music brother

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