woensdag 22 juni 2011

Charlie Haden - Liberation Musical Orchestra (1970)

Without a doubt I can say that everything is here on this record. Charlie Haden, Don Cherry, Carla Bley, Dewey Redman, Roswell Rudd, Andrew Cyrille, Michael Mantler, Gato Barbieri, and many more. So half of the BYG crew is here, and some crazy people from the Europe jazz field. This is free jazz, in a big band, very chaotic at times, with hints of melody, even fragments of old Spanish folk songs. An Ornette Coleman track is here, a song for Ché Guevara.

Haden got inspiration for this album from songs he heard from the Spanish Civil War. This album is one big aural free jazz party, although definitely not as harsh and challenging as you are used from me, the BYG stuff, etc. (I warn you though that BYG/tough free-jazz is still on its way, many records waiting!) Have fun with this record! Have a great afternoon, evening, or morning! I'm so glad I'm back. :D

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