woensdag 22 juni 2011

Dreamies - Auralgraphic Entertainment (1974)

And we start again with a blast: HERE WE ARE AGAIN! I checked my Mediafire-account yesterday for the first time in a year to discover that Life As A Rehearsal has had over 400.000 downloads, which amazed me, just like it will amaze you. I know that a lot of albums have been taken offline and that a lot of people will have forgotten about me and my blog, but I'm sharing some albums once again. I'm still a student from Amsterdam, and in three months time a start my new study: Philosophy. I have been reading in the meantime, many novels and other works of literature, so it would be more logical to start a literature blog right now. But as Life As A Rehearsal is my old love, and music is still something I like a lot, I am trying it again. I still search for the music with the heart, the soul, the sounds.

Here we have Bill Holt, a simple state employee from Wilmington, Delaware, who quit his job in 1972 to buy some instruments, learn how to play them, and recorded this album in the next two years. It is a raw sound collage, one of the first in fact. We have Beatles-snippets here, weird R. Stevie Moore proto-moogery, some hints of library music, and the like. (On a little technical note: the artist is called Dreamies, the monniker of Bill Holt, but I have tagged this as Bill Holt, because that's how Last.fm scrobbles it. Oh well.) Enjoy this people, I love you for all your support, downloads and admiration for reggae, free jazz, and every other weird genre that I feed you. Love from me to you!


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Anoniem zei

In the past year or so, this has been one of my favorite blogs to go learn about and listen to some incredibly good types of music that I might have otherwise not heard. I can say that without this blog, I might not have got into bands like can, throbbing gristle, the ex, and countless others. Thanks so much for starting this up again and I look forward to hearing everything you post in the future.
Welcome back!

Luc zei

Thank you so much for the support and just keep in mind that I do this for fun and because I want all of you to know all these great bands.

shinya zei

Welcome back!
I found your blog at last month, but last post stuck on last august.

I was check old posts and I got surprise with all of them, I mean your recognized musics.

Today, I saw a NEW POST. It was really glad.

shinya, JPN

Anoniem zei

any chance to get this one reuploaded please?