vrijdag 1 juli 2011

Fred Lane - From the One That Cut You (1983)

Welcome to the wonderful world of Shimmy-Disc, a label that released some of the most out-there music available. This is the first release of Shimmy-Disc and it took the label three years after this release to release something new again. Maybe set back by the reactions this record evoked, I don't know.

This is a big-band record. Crazy stuff. Ill subject matter, with song titles like I Talk to My Haircut and Danger Is My Beer. This is my sort of humor, packing very sick subject matter in 'catchy' big-band songs. Bringing the sick stuff to you with a smile. Gotta love it. Mind you though that the music itself is also very great, at times catchy, at times as free as we expect from experimental big bands.

fun in the fundus

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* * e d o * * zei

i used to have this back in the day. thanks for letting me re-visit this great album!

Luc zei

You are very welcome, blogging buddy!