dinsdag 11 mei 2010

U.S. Maple - Talker (1999)

A concept album about high-school by U.S. Maple, is there anything that could ever top this? This is the band's definitive statement: they made a great debut record, a solid follow-up and one good and one mediocre album after Talker, but Talker defines them as a band. This could be so incredibly dull and pretentious, but because of the individual qualities of this band, they completely pull it off.

Maybe this is my favourite release by this band, but it definitely is their defining moment. High school as seen through U.S. Maple's scope.

breeze, it's your high school

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Phillipe zei

Hi. File 6 is corrupted. Could you reupload it, please?
Thanks for the nice job on blog!

Luc zei


Phillipe zei

Thanks, man!