maandag 17 mei 2010

Gene Clark - No Other (1974)

The story of this album is really simple: Gene Clark was one of the founding members of The Byrds, with whom he made some beautiful records, but he quit the band in the early stages of the late 60s. The Byrds had released their best albums, and Gene Clark left the sinking ship. He released some fairly successful solo records in the early 70s, and when he began recording No Other, expectations were high.

This record was completely dismissed back in the day though, due to its experimental nature, 8 long alt-country compositions, and critics didn't like it for that. But we all know that critics are idiots, especially if you see their reactions to records some thirty years ago. This is now Gene Clark's absolute masterpiece, and it deserves all its praise it gets nowadays.

life's greatest fool

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