zaterdag 8 mei 2010

Prince - Dirty Mind (1980)

I'd like to post an album by one of the greatest artists of all time (Prince himself will say that he actually is the greatest artist of all time, but I'd like to disagree about him actually being the very best), Prince. Prince was born as Prince Rogers Nelson in 1958 and he made this album when he was 21/22. Almost all the instruments on these eight songs are played by Prince himself. He was a very gifted multi-instrumentalist, often forgotten by many.

A great provocateur, but I'd like to see him more as a creator of great music, I don't care so much for the sexual provocation side of his work. But that's just my opinion, because his status is probably 'the male Madonna'. Enjoy this music, that's what I care more about.

when you were mine

2 opmerkingen:

Marco Démoet zei

Misschien wel mijn meest favoriete plaat ooit (al is dat een rekbaar begrip).

Luc zei

Ja, al heb ik al drie jaar een vaste nummer 1. Maar inderdaad, echt een geweldige plaat. Luistert ook zo lekker weg.