donderdag 25 augustus 2011

Tom Zé - Todos os Olhos (1973)

This album is one of the more divine one's available in pop music. Tom Zé is the most experimental and innovative of all the MPB artists. Tom Zé surpasses Gil, Veloso, Ben and Costa in originality and on this record he truly shines. He was already an accomplished artist in Brazil when this record came out, and on this record he went a bit too far, concerning the mainstream position MPB kept in Brazil. Which, I would like to emphasize, is nothing short of a miracle. Such an innovative, avant-garde musical genre being the mainstream music available. Brazil must've been fantastic in the 60s, and 70s. Music-wise, that is!

Listen to all the complex tunings, rhythm shifts, you name it. Especially song 4 to 9 are absolutely astonishing. This is difficult music that sounds easy.

brigitte bardot

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